SME finance

The Development Bank of Namibia (DBN) views finance for SMEs as vital to the economy of the nation.


Finance through the DBN SME Center, or through DBN offices in Walvis Bay, Ongwediva or Rundu, is provided for start-up enterprises and enterprises that need finance to grow.

  • DBN defines SMEs as enterprises that have an annual turnover of N$ 10 million or less.

  • The minimum loan amount is N$150,000.

 Finance can be provided for:

  • manufacturing

  • tourism

  • transport and logistics

  • business services

  • retail and wholesale outlets

  • commercial property

  • construction

  • franchises

  • private educational institutions

Application downloads

SME info sheet


SME business plan guide


Application form for finance


Application guide


Application checklist


SME know-your-customer requirements


Environmental and social management


Structured, responsive finance for larger projects

The DBN SME Centre structures finance for SMEs depending on the complexity of the project.


The Bank works with applicants to develop a deep understanding of business models, project proposals, and project and enterprise milestones, so that it can develop viable financing terms that take sustainability, risk and growth into account.


Duration of finance

The normal maximum loan tenure is 10 years.



For enterprises with less complex requirements DBN provides a range of financing products that may include:

  • Installment sales agreements (vehicles and other assets)

  • Business Loans

  • Commercial property development finance

  • Performance guarantees

  • Contract (tender) based finance

  • Trade Finance

Application Process

    1. Please complete the application form.

    2. All supporting documents must be provided with the application. Please refer to the application form for a checklist of required documentation, and ask the Portfolio Analyst for guidance on additional documents. A business plan guide is available on request.

    3. All pages of copies of documents must be certified. Certification by a DBN Commissioner of Oaths is preferred where possible.

    4. On acceptance of a complete application, an acknowledgment letter will be issued with a reference number

    5. An applicant may be requested to submit additional information, and a return period will be specified. If information is not provided in the return period the application will be closed.

    6. An applicant may be requested to make a formal presentation as part of the appraisal process.

    7. DBN will review the application, and will inform the applicant of the decision. Approval, decline, or referral of an application is entirely at the discretion of DBN.

Time to process the loan process

The time to process an SME application will be 4 – 6 weeks. The time to process a tender application will be 3 weeks. The application can be delayed if additional documentation required is not provided.