To meet the needs of SMEs, larger enterprises, infrastructure development, PPPs and others, the Development Bank of Namibia has a range of finance products that can be used alone or in combination with other finance products. These products are designed with unique features to satisfy a range of needs.

Please read the Product Guide in conjunction with your sector of economic activity and consult a Development Bank Analyst.

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Private sector product purposes

Bridging Finance
To satisfy short-term cash-flow needs of a business to carry out a certain activity

Contract (Tender) Based Finance
To meet short-term cash flow needs of a business, where there is an underlying contract or off-take agreement to carry out a certain activity

For a guarantee to a contracting employer to pay a certain amount of money in the event of damages due to under-performance

Asset-Backed Finance (ISA)
To acquire movable asset(s) for a business

Business Finance
To satisfy medium to long-term enterprise financial needs

Invoice Discounting
To provide capital for a borrower (business) against due and payable invoices of other businesses

Business Acquisition Finance
For a buy-in (acquisition of interest by external managers) or buy-out (acquisition of interest by existing internal managers)

Property Development Finance
For development of low to middle income residential property, and industrial and commercial property

Commercial Property Finance
For acquisition or construction of immovable commercial property or making improvements to fixed commercial property

Project Finance
For privately owned infrastructure projects

Franchise Finance
For acquisition of franchise rights and operationalisation of a franchise business 

Public sector and PPP product purposes

Local Authority Finance
For infrastructure projects (i.e. servicing of land, installation of water, electricity, waste management and roads) undertaken by Local Authorities

Private Public Partnership (PPP) Finance
For legally recognized partnerships between a public and private enterprise, for the development of public infrastructure

Public Infrastructure Finance
For development of public infrastructure

On-lending product purpose

Micro Lenders’ Finance
Finance provided to financial intermediaries for on-lending with a beneficial development impact