Finance for local authorities

The Development Bank of Namibia (DBN) views local authorities as critical providers and enablers of infrastructure for communities and enterprises.


To foster development through local authority activities, the Bank provides direct finance to local authorities, finances public private partnership (PPP) arrangements, as well as contractors.


Among others, finance can be provided for:

  • Serviced land
    • Clearing of erven
    • Water and sewage infrastructure
    • Electricity distribution networks
    • Residential roads
  • Low to middle income housing developments
  • Water storage (reservoirs and dams) and drainage systems
  • Town roads, bridges and culverts
  • Local authority buildings
  • Metering and billing systems, movable assets and equipment

Application downloads

Local authorities info sheet


Application form for finance


Application guide


Application checklist


Know-your-customer requirements


Environmental and social management


Structured, responsive finance for larger projects

The Bank structures finance for larger projects to ensure that it promotes long-term viability, based on the project plan.

The Bank cooperates with local authorities and PPPs to develop a deep understanding of project models, proposals, and milestones, to develop viable financing that takes sustainability, risk, revenue streams and development impact into account.

The duration of finance is 10 years, however in the case of infrastructure the duration may be extended to 20 years.


For local authority projects or contractors with less complex requirements, DBN provides a range of products that may include:

  • PPP Finance
  • Local Authority Finance
  • Property development finance (affordable land and housing)
  • Installment sales agreements (vehicles and other assets)
  • Contract (tender) based finance
  • Performance guarantees