Omburu Sun Energy

Project Overview

DBN finances Omburu Sun Energy: N$ 84 million for 4,5 MW solar generation plant.

Project Details

Finance for renewable energy. The Development Bank of Namibia provided N$ 84 million in finance for Omburu Sun Energy. Pictured DBN CEO Martin Inkumbi and Gregoire Verhaege of InnoSun, the company which owns Omburu Sun, sign the finance agreement. The Development Bank of Namibia (DBN) has announced that it has provided finance for Namibia's first large-scale solar power generator, Omburu Sun Energy, near Omaruru.

Omburu Sun Energy, owned by InnoSun Energy, a locally registered company, was established after InnoSun signed a power purchase agreement with NamPower in December 2013. Work on the facility has begun.

Once completed Omburu Sun Energy is expected to generate 4,5 MW capacity for NamPower. The electricity generated will reduce NamPower's requirement for fossil fuels in a clean and sustainable manner.