A year of Development Bank milestones

N$ 2 billion in 2014, N$ 200 million private debt issue and catalytic innovation: Development Bank of Namibia CEO Martin Inkumbi says that 2014 was a year of major milestones and significant evolution for the Bank.

Jul 30 2015

Penny Akwenye succeeds Elize Angula as DBN Chairperson

Elize Angula steps down as DBN Chairperson Penny Akwenye appointed new DBN Chairperson Asnake Getachew steps down, replaced by Tabitha Mbome of NSA.

Jul 30 2015

DBN desire to play role in microlending

Microloans for major development results. DBN Communication Manager Jerome Mutumba says that apex microfinance can add significant developmental value to microloans.

Jul 29 2015

Decolonising trade for development

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