Performance Guarantee

A guarantee to an employer to pay a certain amount of money as damages due to under-performance in terms of the contract or service level agreement between a contractor and an employer.

Suspensive Sale Agreement (Vehicle and Asset Finance)

Finance for the acquisition of a movable asset(s) for business purposes.

Term Loan

An advance to satisfy a client’s medium to long-term financial needs and is repayable within a specific period at specific pre-determined intervals.

Property Finance

Finance for the acquisition or construction of immovable properties or for making improvements to fixed commercial property against the security of a bond registered in favor of the Bank.

Property Development Finance

Finance for developing immovable property for the purpose of re-sale. Property Development Finance loans are short-term by nature.

Invoice Discounting

Advancement of capital to a borrower against due and payable invoices. Invoice discounting finance is solely intended for businesses whose customers are other businesses. Eligibility will greatly be determined based on the quality of the business relationships as well as the quality – and turnover – of the business itself. Invoices must be payable within 180 days. The amount of the loan will not exceed 80% of the invoice value.



Equity Investments

The Development Bank also undertakes advancement of capital through investing in shares or other instruments with equity characteristics. The Bank will only take equity in strategic projects that are in line the Bank's priority sectors as determined from time to time.

Preference Share Agreement(s)

Preference share capital takes the form of elements of equity and debt funding.The Bank will consider preference shares with debt characteristics as those with equity characteristics.

General Loan Terms & Conditions


  • Economically and financially viable start-up business with potential for sustainability and job creation.
  • Expansion of an existing business.
  • Management buy-in, into an existing business.
  • Management buy-out (take-over) of a business.
  • Project finance
  • Asset finance ( as part of a business proposal)

Loan Amount

  • Minimum ( General): N$ 3000,000
  • Minimum ( Special Development Fund): N$ 150, 000
  • Maximum: Single Obligor Limit