OLC Arandis Solar Energy

OLC Arandis Solar Energy operates a 3.8MW solar power plant on behalf of its shareholders, Women of Destiny Trust, O&L Energy and Cronimet Mining Power Solution Gmbh. The company used DBN finance to establish its power plant.  The project provides power to Erongo RED.
The company is 30% women-owned and 65% Namibian owned.

Economic significance

Namibia has a shortfall of electricity, and the price is driven up by imports. Imports also place Namibian enterprises at risk of further price shocks by external suppliers.
Solar energy is a means to generate electricity to reduce the shortfall, relieving pressure on conventional generation requirements. It also secures electricity supply in the event of changes in the import environment.
Renewable energy has significant cost benefit in the long-term compared to long-term inputs of conventional generation. This makes generation of energy more sustainable.


The project created approximately 50 jobs, most of which were temporary during construction of the facility. The facility creates a small number of jobs for operation of the plant.

Transfer of skills

Inclusion of a German company in the shareholder structure enabled OLC Arandis to acquire technical skills for planning of the project, as well as its operation and maintenance.
Technically skilled Namibians are required to operate the plant.