Oshikuku Town Lodge

Oshikuku Town Lodge provides accommodation and business facilities at Oshikuku. It is 50% youth-owned, with 25% women ownership.
The Lodge used DBN finance to add 12 rooms, bringing the total of its rooms to 20, addition of a conference hall, boardroom, multi-functional hall, entertainment area, a cultural village and improvement of its boundary wall.

Socio-economic significance

Provision of additional accommodation at the small town of Oshikuku enhances tourism opportunities by allowing for larger numbers of guests, and strengthens the prospect of business at the town by providing overnight accommodation, a boardroom and a conference hall for entrepreneurs.
The Lodge adds to the incomes of Oshikuku and its surrounds by providing incomes, as well as supporting the town and its enterprises with an environment conducive to business travel.


Upgrading of the lodge created 38 employment opportunities. The additional facilities have created 21 employment opportunities.

Transfer of skills

Hospitality and accommodation requires skilled and semi-skilled employment. On-the-job training deepens the pool of semi-skilled workers, and the Lodge will also require skilled workers with formal education for its operations.