J. Groenewald Properties

J. Groenewald Properties is an SME engaged in construction and infrastructure development. Its offices are in Windhoek, but it operates in various towns.
The company used DBN finance to construct 89 core housing units for the Mass Housing Development Program in Kronlein, Keetmanshoop. The housing was commissioned by the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development.
The company completed the construction project in 6 months.

Industrial significance

The real estate industry has been skewed towards construction of high-cost housing in larger urban centres. This has created a critical need for affordable housing to provide an acceptable standard of living with quality municipal services to low and middle income families and individuals.
At the same time, due to fiscal consolidation, the reduction in state tenders for development of infrastructure caused significant unemployment in the construction industry. Construction of affordable housing is a means to supplement employment.


In the construction industry, temporary employment is the predominant means of job creation, and is linked to the need for construction services. For the duration of the project, J. Groenewald Properties required 28 temporary employees, however it has a permanent staff complement of 15 employees.
The company had a relatively low number of female employees. In the construction industry, females are normally employed in white collar positions, however some may be employed on construction sites.

Transfer of skills

Transfer of skills in the construction industry adds personal value to temporary employees in particular, who are able to use their new skills to improve their chances of gaining further employment or using those skills in the informal sector.