Tula Trading: Shell Service Station

Tula Trading is 50% woman-owned enterprise, operating a Shell 24-hour service station, located in a newly proclaimed town of Nkurenkuru.

Socio-economic significance

Sectorally, the addition of a service station in Nkurenkuru enhances the transport & logistics capacity on the north-eastern route to neighbouring countries.
In addition to creating significant employment in Nkurenkuru (below), the addition of a retail outlet operating on a 24/7 basis adds convenience for the residents of Nkurenkuru.


Nkurenkuru is a small town, so the employment opportunities offered by a service station are significant. Women in particular are hired from surrounding villages, where employment is extremely limited.
Employment creation is multiplied by the 24/7 nature of the operation, necessitating shifts. Female employees are mainly employed in the convenience store and the bakery.

Transfer of skills

Management training is offered by the franchisor Shell. In addition, training is also conducted on-the-job. Training is required for the forecourt, the retail system and the bakery.