Goals of finance

Project are evaluated on the basis of:


  • The business plan
  • The cash flow projection
  • Management skills, experience and participation
  • Adequate collateral and owner's contribution

DBN assesses finance to ensure that it does not pose a risk to the owners of projects that it finances, and to ensure that it can recover capital investments and grow its capital to onlend to others.

Environmental and social management

  • Environmental soundness
  • Social soundness

DBN manages its finance proactively and on an ongoing basis to ensure that its finance has no negative social and environmental impact.

Economic goals

  • Employment creation
  • Income generation
  • Stimulation of key sectors (particularly manufacturing, transport and logistics, and tourism and hospitality)
  • Alleviation of national issues (particularly provision of land, affordable housing and generation of electricity)
  • Inclusive economic participation
  • Diversification of regional economic activity
  • Development of infrastructure

In keeping with its mandate, DBN seeks to provide finance to enterprises and initiatives that will have optimum development benefit, while giving prudent consideration to viability, and environmental and social impact.